Backgroud Information

Saint Mary Magdalene is a Grade One listed building; with Saxon origins dating from the early Saxon period. The Church has been extended over the centuries reflecting differing styles of architecture and religious worship.

In 2014 the first part of the new building programme was to upgrade the lighting system in order to use energy efficient bulbs. The programme also included loft insulation in the tower roof. Plexi glass was fitted extenrally to all windows; asbestos was removed following correct procedures from the boiler house. 

In 2018 funds were made available for a new toilet / servery area to be installed. The flexible space enabled us to undertake more activities involving young families. God’s Creation is a cental part of our mission within the community. We became interested in conservation and ways our Church community could become invloved. We heard of the Eco awards through a directive from Bishop Paul of Durham. I had an interest in the above scheme and made a presentation to the PCC and Church congregation. 

The desire of the Church / village community was that an audit of the Churchyard would be undertaken. I was delighted that one of the younger Church members was eager to come aborad. Luke and myself decided to start the application for a Bronze Eco award, we gained this award in November 2020.

Using land as a starting point Luke and I started to explore the Churchyard. Our audit of the area established our plan of action. We installed bird boxes, a bat box, hedgehog houses a feeding station and recently a beautiful stone bird bath. Much of the above has been kindly donated, some in memory of loved ones. 

Lighting : – We have also installed solar lighting in the trees and a powerful solar light has been placed near the Church door. Access to the Church is now much safer especially in the winter months. 

In the summer months our “living Church yard” is regularly used for worship. Especially enjoyed by the young families in our 3@4 family service. We have had for e.g. Teddy Bears Picnics, BBQ Quizzes, Seed Planting, Sports Days and of course Rogation services. All the above services are led by Our Mission to Families Team, which include Luke and myself. 

Seating is provided in our garden area. It is a peaceful place for quiet meditation and contemplation. The birdsong is delightful and we have lots of homes for them!!


Thank You. 

Hilary and Luke Eco Team Leaders.