We are very pleased to tell you that St Mary Magdalene is working towards a Gold Award from A Rocha.

This is the beginning of a journey and not the end. We will continue to ensure that all areas remain sustainable and are used in an environmentally friendly way.                                                                                                                                

Our next project is a Community Heritage garden. The Eco team have grown in size; more people are interested in bringing the project to life. We will be making good use of our land; all structures within the area will be sustainable. The whole village and wider community will be able to access the area. It will at times provide a place for Worship, Teaching and Leisure. This are will enhance the lives of all who use it, so naturally we are looking forward to being able to make a start.            

One final plea. Has anyone got a surplus wooden pallet? Luke and I wish to build a Bug House!!! We want to make a large house with several rooms. These will be filled by the children with sticks and cones. Any help with the design and construction is more than welcome.

Thank You   Luke and Hilary Eco Team Coordinators.

In October of last year, it was decided that St. Mary Magdalene Hart would take up the challenge to become an A Rocha eco-church.

Having a particular interest in this area myself Luke and I proceeded to work towards a Bronze award. We conducted a survey of our churchyard area and set about trying to improve the bio-diversity of the area. To date we have installed bird boxes, a hedgehog box, a bat box and a feeding station. Some solar lighting has also been installed in the area. Our toilet facilities have been twinned with a village in Malawi Africa. At the end of November, we received the good news that we had been given a Bronze award.

 The above are a few highlights, 301 criteria had been addressed over 5 areas which are:

Worship and Teaching

After a short break we continued to work towards a Silver Award which we received on 18th February 2021.                        
To date our Gold award Application is at present being considered.                                                                                Other areas achieved include adoption of Fait trade and we use environmentally friendly products where possible Recycle all paper in church.

Our team has grown considerably; many have contributed with gifts of equipment, financial help and advice. The Team continues to grow, and more people have become actively interested.

 We have some big plans for the future, please come and join us.                               

                         Hilary and Luke Co-ordinators.