Hello there, 

Lent is almost upon us! As we won’t be able to run our usual Lent Discussion group, I hope the enclosed leaflet might go some way in helping us engage with a time to reflect on God’s world and out part in it.

Ash Wednesday of February 17th joint service at St. Mary Magdalene, Hart 6:30 pm – (Covid guidelines state that Ash needs to be sprinkled onto out heads so there is no physical contact thereby making if safe)

Maundy Thursday April 1st 6:30 pm – Online through our Facebook pages (see below for links) (Covid guidelines tell us this year our Maundy Thursday service will need to be online)

Good Friday 2nd April at 2:00 pm – A short joint service will be held in St. Peter’s Elwick

Easter Day Sunday 4th April –    St. Peter’s 9:30 am

                                                            St. Mary Magdalene 11:00 am

My Lenten reflections will be shaped by prayers for the future of the Church. You may have read articles or letters in the national newspapers outlining the struggle for the Church of England to finances its many Churches, clergy, its vicarages, the systems that make us legally compliant, central administrative support and our Church of England schools etc. Most dioceses are cutting the number of clergy posts which is making inevitable of changes to the model of what we’re used to i.e., having an open Church in every community. This goes against what Covid is teaching us i.e to rely on what our local community can provide! “If you don’t use it you lose it”, springs to mind!

I feel it’s only fair to explain the real and immanent challenges communities and their Churches face in order to jolt us into planning ahead to do our utmost to manage these changes rather than let them manage us. 

Covid has brought forward these challenges which we expected to face in 10 years’ time! It would be remiss of me not to spell this out, as someone said, “I don’t think there’s a carpet big enough to sweep this problem under!”

As you know I am extremely grateful for those who have supported our Churches financially as well as in many other ways which you all recognise.

As we are still in lockdown let me recommend the services to you offered every Sunday online through our Facebook pages which can be accessed anytime either during their streaming at 9:30 am or later to suit you. 

Can I also commend to you the online giving facility on the Facebook pages should you wish to make a donation through them: 



In your prayers, please keep those who are delaying their wedding and baptism dates… My heart goes out to them!

Every bless, Revd Janet